Welcome to a New Era of Personalized Wellness

Your gut health is as unique as you are. Why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution?

Introducing the Personalized Probiotic Wellness Package – a revolutionary approach to gut balance, meticulously tailored to your body's specific needs.
A luxurious box containing a 90 day package of fully personalized probiotics, besides there's Rebilance's gut microbiome sampling kit
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How It Works – Your Path to a Personalized Gut Solution

Get a Comprehensive Gut Health Assessment

Get a Gut Microbiome test kit sent at home, follow the instructions and send it back to us. We use full metagenomic sequencing to figure out what kinds of bacteria you have.
What does the kit include?
The kit contains instructions, a sample tube with stabilizing buffer fluid, a sterile swab, a sample catcher, a protective cover and a prepaid postage return envelope.

Detailed Report with Lifestyle and Dietary Recommendations

In collaboration with Unseen Bio, we provide a comprehensive report of your gut microbiome.
What do I get in the report?
Discover the biodiversity of your gut
Get an analysis of your gut bacteria
Explore your beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria
Compare your probiotic bacteria
Get personalized diet recommendations for optimizing your microbiome

Tailored Probiotic Creation

Unique blends crafted based on your microbiome analysis, ensuring the most effective and tailored probiotic experience.
How do you decide what probiotics to blend?
With the microbiome test, we gain insight into your levels of bacteria - also the probiotic bacteria. We see what specific probiotic bacteria strains you are lower than expected on, and prepare a blend that will supplement those bacteria in the most optimal ratio.
Photo of COO Guillermo working in the lab handling bacterial petridishes.

See an improvement or get free probiotics for 6 months

When you buy the Rebilance Full Plan (TEST + 6 MONTHS PROBIOTICS + RETEST)

Can I buy if I'm outside of Denmark?

Our current campaign is only available in Denmark through IDA, Denmark's largest Engineering and Science organization.

We plan to start selling in Europe very soon, sign up here to be notified.
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Meet our team

Rebilance is a dynamic and innovative company, driven by a team of passionate and talented people. Our goal it to create cutting-edge microbiome solutions that have the power to make a meaningful impact on the world.
Photo of Mario, CEO and cofounder of Rebilance
Mario Alzamora
Founder & CEO
Leadership, creativity and execution. Background in Biotechnology, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceuticals.
Photo of Guillermo, co-founder and COO of Rebilance
Guillermo Hernandez
Founder and COO
Organization and scientific research. Background in Biotechnology, customer relations and engagement.
Photo of Kasia Hein-Peters, strategic advisor
Kasia Hein-Peters
Strategic Advisor
30 years of experience in health and pharmacuetical marketing.
Photo of Marua Inmaculada, regulatory planning thesis student
Maria Inmaculada
Regulatory planning
Background in Biomedical Engineering.
Photo of Laura, product design student
Laura González
Product Designer
Making our probiotics cool to look at. Background in Design & Innovation.
Photo of Adriana, product design student
Adriana Gonzalez
Product Designer
Making our probiotics cool to look at. Background in Design & Innovation.
Photo of Laura Escude, marketing intern
Laura Escudé
Marketing Intern
Bringing eyes to our product, background in biotechnology.
Photo of Konstantin, marketing intern
Konstantin Dolski
Marketing Intern
Bringing eyes to our product, background in biotechnology.
Picture of Kolia Baradello, marketing intern
Kolia Baradello
Marketing Intern
Helping us tell our story, background in biotechnology and marketing.
Sponsored by
The Novo Nordisk Foundation through the BioInnovation Institure, has financially aided Rebilance twice.The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, financially supported Rebilance twice.Logo of Copenhagen University, which supports RebilanceA startup Accelerator program that Rebilance participated in 2022Logo of European Venture Program in which Rebilance was selected in 2022
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